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About Us

We named our small employee-owned family-run company Siahus because it means “God Heals Us”.  It is derived from the Hebrew origins of “Siah” which means "God (Jehovah) Heals" and the common Old English word “Us”. 


Dedicated to Natural

Siahus’s employees are passionate and dedicated to living naturally and in harmony with nature.  It is our way of life.  The Creator created the earth and its abundance and the health and well-being of our community are directly correlated to our mutualistic relation with nature.  At Siahus we guide our day-to-day living, work, and business relations for the health of the planet.


Dedicated to Fertile Soil & Healthier Living

For the most part, nature cultivates and sustains better than man-made systems.  For example, the forest is a harmonious system that stores water as if a lake and sustains life naturally.  As forests are cut down, the water that would have naturally been retained now runs off or is evaporated.  This departure of water creates arid conditions and leads to the loss of its vegetation and animal life.  We can learn from nature and apply what we experience to create better long-term health for the soil, and a healthier happier way of living for all living things.  Because of this, we work with the small farms and wild harvesters that are more invested in the long-term viability and soil quality. 


Dedicated to True Quality

Our essential oils and herbal ingredients are far superior to what is normally found in the marketplace.  Siahus is dedicated to providing true therapeutic oils and herbal supplements and not just using this as a marketing strategy to supply the inferior “expert” supplied ingredients.  Truly therapeutic means our products are sourced from reliable traditional/organic farms or wildcrafted in nature away from pollution.  They are unaltered and pure; therefore, they are at the therapeutic strength to truly assist your family’s health.  We specialize in working with fair trade farms that grow herbs in a truly natural, harmonious, organic manner that not only provides the highest healing value and sustainability but also provides the farmers the ability to properly care for their families.

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