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Creating Optimal Health

Our Guarantee

Even though many health issues can be dealt with rather quickly, we understand that health conditions vary and some people may take longer to notice the benefits of taking our supplements. Still, we are confident that you will see the benefit if you allow your body to build upon the nutritional support the Apán offers.

Because of this, we offer a full 120 Day Money Back Guarantee on your Apán supplement purchases. Take the Apán supplements for four months and if you don’t notice positive benefits, contact us for a full refund.

"The Native American Sahaptin Indian wild Tawtnúk Apán mushroom is considered one of the most powerful weapons in protection against illness, disease, and aging.  It is far superior to other medicinal mushrooms, like Chaga, and does not contain the kidney damaging oxalates.  The supplements

are treated like a food by the body and therefore safe and effective to use while undergoing other medical treatments."

-Chieftess Pahamy, Medicine Woman Practitioner 

More testimonials below.

“The doctor asked me what I’ve been taking for my tumor. I told him I was taking the Apan Super Daily and he said, It’s shrinking, the cancers gone, and he told me to keep taking that stuff. . . I’ve got a lot of pain in the nerves in my back and taking this stuff has caused the nerves where I don’t hurt anymore.  This stuff has taken care of it.  It’s taken care of my arthritis too.” -- Wayne J. from Detroit, MI

“The lump in my breast tumor reduced in size by half within taking my first two bottles.  All of this without the doctor's chemo!!!!” -- Alison F. from Eureka Springs, AR

“No mastectomy for me!!!!!!  I had an advanced stage of breast cancer and my doctor was pushing a mastectomy and well as their other treatment.  I am so grateful my friend referred me to the Apán.  I am now cancer free!!!!” - Amy D. from North Huntingdon, PA

“Three years ago . . . I fell and broke my right ankle so bad that my foot hung off to the side.  It took surgery, a plate and several screws to put my ankle back together. . . 3 months in a wheelchair and two more months in a special boot using a knee scooter later, I was finally able to stand for short periods of time.  Since this time . . . I still walked with a limp. . . Also, I have arthritis. . . A month ago I ordered Apán and in just one month I am now walking for 30 minutes daily with my husband and not limping.  No more pain in my left leg or hip, or my thumbs and fingers.” -- Bonnie W. from Savannah, GA

“Three months now and my cancer is in complete remission. My doctor calls it a “spontaneous remission” but I know its the Apán.  That is the only thing I have been doing different. You restored my health and my life!!!!” - Carl C. from Dallas, TX

“I have had many successful breakthroughs since using Apán.  I have been cured of cancer and Covid-19.” - Gail H. from Baltimore, MD

“Very helpful for cancer, thank you!” - James C. from Sharon, CT

“I am very, very pleased with your products.  It has completely reversed my throat cancers and my cancers on my face.” - James H. from Temple, TX

“My husband was diagnosed in May with bladder cancer and began Apán right away.  On his last check up – doctor said no tumors were there and only scar tissue left. We are very pleased with this product!” - Johannes D. from Tavares, FL

“I am thrilled with the results. I am feeling well and my brain is alive and I am active.  The delivery is always very prompt.  I believe this is the cure for cancer and recommend it is tried!” - Signe J. from Holladay, UT

“. . . my mother who has stage 4 cancer.  We are getting great successes just in this short time.  It has been an amazing turn around!” - Teresa M. from Venice, FL

“Prostate cancer gone in four months.  Keeping myself healthy doing the regular Apán each day.”- Deean G. from Ava, MO

“It cleared up a skin cancer in about two weeks.  I just placed a drop on the area a few times a day and now it's all gone/better.  I have also been taking it internally and found it has cleared up a few other health conditions.  I am sticking on it.” - ​Mary B. from Collegeville, PA

“. . . we want you to know we love the Apán so much we will never be without it.  My husband has been taking it for nearly a year.  He learned he had prostate cancer and started on the mushrooms.  Today, his prostate is very, very low and wouldn’t be without this product.” - Delilah T. from Bismarck, ND

". . . I just wanted you to know that my recent scans came back showing very little sign of the cancer in the brain and the rest of my tumors in my liver (and wherever) are still shrinking.  I was very happy with the results!” - Evelyn J. from South Jordan, UT


“I started having throat cancer.  I had just about lost my voice…. Started taking Apán mushroom formula, my cancer is in remission and almost totally gone now.  And I am so pleased.  And I’m telling my friends about this because I can’t believe how amazing it worked!  Thank God that I found you all!” - James H. from Temple, TX

“My husband took it for his eyesight Vein Occlusion where he was losing his site in one eye.  You have to get shots in your eye monthly for years in most cases- his doctor was amazed when his eyesight was back to normal in 6 months and no more shots needed- he said this has never happened in his practice.  We will keep taking it." - Debbie M. from Sarasota, FL

“During the first two months I noticed some small improvements with better energy and not catching the flu that went around.  It really was into my third month that I started noticing the larger changes with my health.  My arthritic bumps went down, I could now easily get out of my chair, and my mobility has improved.  My blood pressure is now in the normal range as well.  Thank you.” - William C. from Maramec, OK

“I’ve been using Apán for about 4 months now.  It has given me more energy and relieved back pain and joint pain.  I had bladder cancer into the muscle and was recommended Apán and lemon oil.  I went in for testing and February and was given the all-clear sign for cancer.  I give a bottle of Apán to my dad who has Parkinson’s. He had Tremors very bad and had to shuffle his feet to walk.  He has been taking it for approximately 1 month and told me and it has helped slow with the trimmers down and he can walk much easier he plans on continue taking it.  Thank you very much.” - Rusty C. from Maramec, OK

“I heard about your product from a friend of a friend. I am currently on chemotherapy for liver cancer. I tried your Apán and immediately I started feeling better. I have been taking it religiously and I would not know I was on the chemo except being sick for about 1/2 hour after treatment. Before Apán I was sick all the time. Well worth every penny!!!!!” - Stephen M. from Ava, MO

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a month ago.  I happened to find a video about Apán online and ordered it.  I have been taking it for just 3 weeks and I changed my diet to a plant-based diet.  Oct 1st was my fist chemo treatment, and I had no sickness or loss of energy…. I do know that Apán is helping me.‍ . . (later she writes) . . . “My last bloodwork shows my cancer numbers are down to 39.8 and the recent CT scan shows no tumors and there is a small amount of fluid remaining around my left lung.  I will never stop taking Wild Apan and Defense.  I am so grateful I found you.” -- Francine M. from Vineland, NJ

“My father has been taking 2-3 bottles a month since August.  His cancer markers have decreased from 1,300+ to 241.  His chemo side effects have been mild, except for fatigue and sharp stomach pain that goes away after he takes Tylenol (instructed by MD).  We are very encouraged about the progress from his first diagnosis of stage 3 pancreatic cancer to seeing his cancer numbers improve with his health.  Thank you.” - Marc I. from Honolulu, HI

“I’m seeing good results with cancer patients, almost every bottle I have purchased, I have donated to terminal people.  In 2020, everyone has recovered so far.  Very exciting.” - Dr. Mike D. from Webster, NY

“Thank you for this product! It’s saving lives!!” - Kristy M. from Nunica, MI

“My Mom is now walking around again and feeling better than she has in years. Very powerful healing medicine.” - Alice A. from Hudson, FL

“Phenomenal product.  As a practitioner, I have several clients taking this product with excellent results.  Highly recommend.” - Audrey L. from the United Kingdom, GB

“Hands down the best supplement that I’ve ever taken. I was going through some pretty serious health issues and I started taking Apán and within days my symptoms were gone.  I have been taking Apán ever since . . . I will take it the rest of my life.” - Corey S. from London, KY

"On the first day of taking Defense, I noticed a remarkable calming upgrade in my digestive system, and a longer, deeper, uninterrupted sleep that night. My energy level is much higher, and it's only been 2 days since I started on Defense.  I'm also taking the Wild Apan Super Daily.  I've already reordered more as gifts.  I'm a Master of Medical Qi Gong and a Hawaiian Kahuna Healer, so I'm very aware of how well or poorly my body and energy meridians function.  I highly recommend both Defense and Wild Apan Super Daily." --Master Sio from San Gabriel, CA

"My Family loves Apan . . notable improvements in areas of seasonal allergies, arthritis, and general wellness.  Thank you!" --Susan G. from North Royalton, OH

Many more testimonials available upon request.

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